According to Booktech magazine:

Tichenor Publishing has signed Ames On-Demand to automate Tichenor’s Coursepack creation, and provide short-run book customization and personalization. The deal calls for Ames to build a customized version of its BookBuild Web-based BOD management system, which includes a secure digital content library and online ordering system for Tichenor’s academic customers. Ames will also provide custom publishing services for producing coursepacks, educational,and training materials for faculty and students in Tichenor’s customers’ classrooms and online courses. The coursepacks will be digitally printed books and e-books, and made available directly to the students and faculty. Tichenor’s production team and clients will be able to create and order coursepacks and supplementary course materials online, via the Bookbuild user interface. The short-run custom books and e-books manufactured by Ames will leverage one-and-four-color digital printing, various on-demand binding options, kitting, and fulfillment. “Partnering with Ames On-Demand [lets] Tichenor Publishing … fulfill a need in the higher education marketplace for custom published materials,” says Raymond Tichenor, president of Tichenor Publishing Inc., in Bloomington Ind. (